1080P Earwax Removal Camera Tool

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 You can now clean your ears professionally with the new 1080P Earwax Removal Camera Tool, 3-in-1 Ear Camera allows you to get satisfyingly clean ear canals, a safe and effective way. 


Cotton swabs and other earwax removal devices can actually push earwax against your eardrums and further inside the ear, leading to temporary or even permanent hearing loss. With this tool, you can clean your ears in the safest way!

This tool is waterproof so you can clean and wash it every after you use it!

It can be used on any type of earwax with the different tips included in the package.

Multi-functional tool, you can use it on any part of your body that also needs cleaning and checking weekly too.

This tool is made of high-quality materials. It has a 1080 High Definition camera, and an anti-scalding chip to satisfy your needs.



COLOR: black, pink, yellow, blue, dark blue
MATERIALS: plastic, metal
LENS: 3.9 mm/5.0 mm
LIGHT SOURCES: 6 pieces LED lights, brightness adjustable
RESOLUTION: 1920*1080 pixels
OPERATING SYSTEM: compatible with Android 4.2+/ IOS 8.0+Windows 7/8/10, Mac OSX 10.6 or later
SOFTWARE FUNCTIONS: Taking photos, recording videos, measurement, text input
WORKING TIME: about 1 hour