Beauty Whale Shape Electric Vibration Board

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Using micro-current ion technology to introduce nutrients into the skin, tighten and lift skin, smooth wrinkles.  Dolphin-shaped streamlined design, fit skin, make massage more effective.


Difficult to conceal blemishes? Please be nice to yourself! 
Beauty Whale Shape Electric Vibration Board can easily solve the common facial problem, and also  Can effectively improve the dark circles under the eyes, fade fine lines and make you look more energetic.


It is a skin massage treatment that combines vibration, warmth, and microcurrent.  Microcurrent with special design scraping board can be very good fifth e skin, help you massage the face or body to achieve the effect of lifting tight. Promote collagen regeneration, promote lymph node DU and other effects.


It is recommended to pair it with essences, lotions, creams, eye creams, masks, and other skin care products for double blessings, and the effect is significant.  


Two massage modes according to your needs

Blue Light: First gear (massage mode), About 8500 vibrations/minute, Smart touch vibration, Iontophoresis, Blu-ray
Red Light: Second gear (warm massage mode), About 12,000 vibrations/minute, Smart touch vibration, 45C ± 5C thermal energy temperature, Iontophoresis, 45C is perfect Temperature for skin

 The deep wrinkle modifies the facial contour, removes the double chin. A thin face activates collagen cells, increases skin elasticity and gloss beauty.

How To Use

1. Apply skincare product evenly on the face. Press the power button for 2 seconds to turn on the machine. After turning it on, press the power button to adjust the massage mode.

2. Click on the acupoints to relieve muscle tension.

3. Fit to the facial skin, pull up and down from the bottom up, and three-dimensionally shape. (As shown below)

Weight: 55g
Size: 10 x 6.8 x 2.2cm
Applicable Skin: All Skin Type / Suitable to other Body Parts
Warning: Not For Pregnant Women
Function: Lift & Firm Skin, Remove Fine Wrinkles & Nasolabial  Folds, Bright Skin, Prevent Skin Aging, Promote Lymphatic Detoxification
Color: White / Pink

1 X  Beauty Whale Shape Electric Vibration Board (With Box)