Car Windshield Glass Concentrated Cleaning Tablets

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Turn your dirty and blurry windshield back to life!
3 times cleaning power with just 1 cleaning tablet!
Ultimate Windshield Cleaning- Super-concentrated with 3 times the cleaning power of ordinary wash, which dissolves completely to effectively remove bugs, road film, dirt, and grime from the windshield, leaving your car's windshield streak-free, anti-fog and amazingly clear.
Easy To Use - Simply place 1 tablet with 4 liters of water into the wiper tank. As the wiper works, it cleans thoroughly while lubricating the glass, greatly reducing the friction of the wiper blade and glass, and comprehensive protection to meet your long-term needs.
Enhance Safe Driving - Offers a super high hydrophobic effect and self-cleaning coating, as a coat of the barrier hydrophobic effect, cause water to bead up and roll off the surface. Keep driving safe in bad weather.
Effective & Long-Lasting - The superhydrophobic anti-rain agent can keep your sight clear when driving on rainy days, making you safer, stainproof, and long-lasting(Can be maintained for up to 30 days).
Resistant & Invisible - the protective coating is resistant to temperature changes. Use in cold and warm rooms or outside at all seasons of the year. Don’t worry about ruining your surface, because the cleaning tablet doesn’t leave any marks or film.

How to use it:
Open the water storage tank of the windshield wiper.
Put in a piece of windshield glass concentrated washer tablet.
Pour water into the water tank.
Clean the windshield glass with a wiper.
  • Net Weight: 3.5g
  • Shelf Life: 2 Years


Package Includes:

  • 10pcs x Car Windshield Glass Concentrated Cleaning Tablets