Crystal Glass Pen

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  Perfect set for beginners and advanced calligraphers. The glass dip pen and 12 color ink make it a perfect calligraphy set. Glass pen made of high borosilicate glass.



 If you are looking for an ink which is shimmering, highly reflective colors that
are lightfast, archival, and permanent, works for illustration, calligraphy pens,
dip pens, this ink set would be your best choice.



Let your imagination run wild with new Invisible Ink. Simply shine the special
UV Light to reveal your masterpiece. 



High borosilicate glass material with heat-resistant and water-resistant
function, increase the adsorption of ink, flowing like a stroke.
Meteor pattern pen tip thickness between 0.5-0.7, let writing is full of art



12 colors of ink contain gold powder enable your creation more incredible. Shake the ink bottle well before use. 


Product Included

1 X 3PCS Set (Include 1 X Crystal Glass Pen +
1 random color Ink +  1 Pen Holder)


1 X 13PCS Set (Include 1 X Crystal Glass Pen + 12 color Ink) 


1 X  Premium UV Set (Include 1 X Crystal Glass Pen + 7 color Inks +
1 x UV/Invisible Ink + 1 x UV Ultraviolet Light Without Batteries)