EasyOpen Adjustable Jar Opener

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Labor-saving handle and stable performance,
very easy and comfortable to grip when you use it



Even gear, bite the lid tightly, open the lid easily,
save time and effort Quick and easy to open the
lid within the size range of 13.5cm, widely
suitable for families, bars, parties, restaurants

Beautiful in appearance, smooth and
comfortable. The large non-slip handle adopts an
ergonomic knob design, and its strong shape
makes it easy to turn without hurting fingers


Just turn it lightly, even those with
little strength can drive


All kinds of caps can be opened to meet daily
needs.Can open canned fruits, canned peppers, etc.

Easy to use 

1. First adjust the opening to the size of the bottle cap
2. Clamp the opening and then press the handle
3. Follow the direction of opening the cover and turn gently
4. Open the bottle cap easily


Package content: 
1 X EasyOpen Adjustable Jar Opener