Effortless Jar Gripper

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This Jar Gripper makes opening anything effortlessly! 
With a universal fitting and three different opening sections, this gripper is your one solution for any containers that have you struggling with the opening! 
Designed with advanced trigonometry gripping design, this opener gives jars and bottles of any size an easy gripping and opening! 
With a silicone slip-proof strip in the middle, this opener holds any kind of lids firmly for an effortless pop open!
Use the tip of the opener to open pop-top cans and the narrow end of the opener for smaller bottles! This universal opener is built for all containers!
Enjoy an error-free opener with our ergonomically designed gripping handle! The jagged edge of the handle prevents your hand from slipping during use! 
Store this opener easily on any metallic surface! This jar opener will attach to your refrigerator doors with its built-in magnet holder! 
  • Weight: 86.7g
  • Dimensions: 9* 19.3cm
  • Materials: ABS materials
  • Colors: White, Yellow, Clear
  • 1* Effortless Jar Gripper