Electric Fast Nail Trimmer

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 This product is designed to trim and polish toenails and fingernails for babies and adults, it won’t damage the cuticles or nail beds.



A safer way to trim your baby or an adult's nails than the traditional nail trimmer. 



This Electric fast nail trimmer is made to prevent an hour-long, stressful, and full of cries sessions of trimming your child's nails as this is painless and won't damage their nail beds. So no one cries!



 This product is a 360°all-round exquisite trimming, polishing and steady speed that makes toenails and fingernails softer and smoother.


LED Light for Dark Environment

You can trim your baby’s nail while they are asleep with silent motor and LED front light aimed at nails. It helps you to cut nails even in dark places. 

Quiet and No Sound

You can trim your baby's nails without waking them up.


A portable trimmer where you can put batteries inside of it, slide the battery cover back onto the trimmer. The battery cover is secure when you hear a "click".




The electric fast nail trimmer is safe for babies to play with since it has no sharp edges and it does not have any harmful parts.



Choose the trimmer pad most suitable for your family member's age

Choose from the 6 trimmer pads from the kit, slot the trimmer pad over the top of the attachment



One Button Design

2 modes: clockwise and counterclockwise direction, high or low speed

Powered by 2 AA batteries (not included)