GreenerThumb Seeding Square Stencil

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Grow healthier, better plants with less space using this square stencil! 
GreenerThumb has multiple seeding holes with different spacings as indicated by the colors, build for plants that need different rooting spaces! 
GreenerThumb helps your plan out the perfect layout space for your plants in a square foot garden so you can grow healthier, more plants in a smaller space! 
GreenerThumb comes with a digging rod for easier space marking for your plants! With clear measurements, you can dig out the suitable depth for your plants and use the given funnel for simple seeding!  
Enjoy gardening fun with your family too! The effortless seeding stencil makes it a piece of cake to get into gardening for people of all ages! 
  • Dimensions: 30* 30* 2.5m
  • Color: Green
  • 1* GreenerThumb Seeding Square Stencil