Growing Crystal Christmas Tree

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Grow your own enchanting crystal Christmas! 
  • Make Christmas Otherworldly! Grow your own Winter wonderland with our growing crystal Christmas Tree now! With 3 breathtaking shades, this mini Christmas tree is guaranteed to light up your Christmas! 



  • Hassle-free Growing! Grow your personal crystal Christmas Tree in 2 simple steps! Simply assemble the paper boards in a tree shape, place the tree on the green dish attached and pour the nutrient liquid onto the tree! Wait overnight for your divine crystal tree to appear! 



  • Gorgeous Lush Crystal Clusters! The nutrient liquid will turn into astonishing, dense crystal clusters overnight! 



  • Fun Festivities For Adults And Kids! This spectacular fun crystal tree is perfect for people of all ages! Enjoy some wondrous festive joy with family and friends! 




  • Dimensions: 16.3*9.6*6.7cm
  • Color Variants: Green, Rainbow, Snowy
  • Crystals can be kept for up to 4 weeks. Store it outside of direct sunlight or wet environments. 


  • 1* Christmas Tree Paper Board
  • 1* Star Ornament
  • 1* Decorative String
  • 1* Sparkles
  • 1* Nutrient Liquid
  • 1* Green Dish