Heat Sweat Firming Body Applicator

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Reduce Fats and Lumps Easily and Quickly! No Excessive Working Out, No Diet Pills.
Effectively gets rid of imperfections caused by cellulite and localized fat!
Powerful ingredients penetrate the skin and effectively fight off excess body fat.
Effective Results
Firm and burn fats on targeted areas. Helps promote blood circulation that controls cellulite and tightens muscles.
All-Natural Formula
It has anti-allergy breathable non-woven yarn fabrics that are safe and non-irritating for the skin. Uses natural and organic ingredients: Capsaicin, Sophoricoside, Salicornia, and natural essential oils.
Just stick the patch on the target area. Make sure that your skin is clean and dry. Applying them to areas where fat develops like the belly or abdomen is more beneficial. Use only once a day. Hidden for daily use.
Easy to Use
Step 1: Clean skin and pat dry.
Step 2: Remove the protective film of the patch.
Step 3: Paste it into the target area.
Step 4: Hide under your clothes.
Wide Application
Firms and tighten the skin while breaking down fats. Can be used on any problem areas of your body such as the arm, waist, hip, and legs.
Weight: 15g
Size: 10x14cm
Ingredients: Capsaicin, Sophoricoside, Salicornia, Natural Essential Oil
Qty: 10PCS, 20PCS, 30PCS
1 x Heat Sweat Firming Body Applicator