Hexagon Pressing Burger Maker

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Designed to make your homemade burgers easier than ever, this burger maker goes beyond the single burger press by instantly shaping and storing eight burger patties at once!

You're walking into the kitchen and wondering what to make... You need something tasty, but quick. Ever give up and decide to order in?
This burger maker makes homemade meals more delicious and easier than ever!



  • Separate compartments help prevent freezer burn and keep patties from sticking together.
  • Holds approximately 2 pounds of ground meat, fish, or vegetarian burger mix. 
  • Each Burger Master holds eight 4 oz. portions 
  • Acts as a cooler pack when filled with frozen food. 
  • Dishwasher safe, BPA & Phthalate free.
  • Exclusive Shape N' Store technology


  • The Burger Master is 11" X 10" X 1"
  • Each of the 8 cells makes patties that are 3.75" W X 0.75" H


  • 1* Hexagon Pressing Burger Maker