Mandala Dotting Tool

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Make incredibly detailed designs with ease!
Dot painting is not only beautiful, but it is also relaxing and creative. You can now enjoy this amazing art with the help of the Mandala Dotting Tools Kit! This kit contains everything you need to create dot art and is perfect for all skill levels.
It comes in a wide selection of tools that makes it easy to experiment and use with a variety of techniques so you can create elaborate mandala designs quickly and hassle-free. The lightweight tools also provide you with better control, ease of maneuver, and less stress to your hand, allowing you to paint much longer comfortably.
  • BOOST CREATIVITY: Perfect for applying dots, removing dots, and creating unique effects. It can be used on DIY nail arts, handicrafts, projects, and so much more!

  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Provides a variety of different carving shapes to give you more flexibility and choices for your designs.
  • RELAXING ART THERAPY: While creating perfect dot patterns, it will provide you with relaxation, stress relief, and increased focus.
  • ENJOY DIY: No need to draw lines or trace stencils like other kits. Easy to follow lessons have all guide markings done for you and are ready to paint on and learn right out of the box.

  • EASY TO USE: No experience or practice is needed to use the tools or to create exquisite mandala designs. Perfect for beginners and professionals to use!
  • Material/s: Plastic & Stainless Steel

  • 20 X Mandala Dotting Tools Kit