Peach Perfect Contour Lifting Mango Mousse

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Get the perfect peachy gains with this lifting mango mousse! 
Enjoy naturally luscious and visible results in 4-6 weeks! Experience an effective and effortless body contour enhancing without any intrusive methods! 
By massaging Peach Perfect onto your bum before exercise, the natural herbal essence will reach through your fat cells under skin for a warming effect that facilitates fat-burning process more effectively! 
Peach Perfect helps warm up your under skin fat to smoothen out the uneven fat distribution that causes cellulites, giving you a silky smooth toned look! 
Enjoy a lasting, permanent peachy curve without constant maintenance! 
Peach Perfect is formulated with fat-burning mango seed oil, with herbal essence such as ginseng and angelic sinensis for an organic shape-lifting solution! 
How To Use:
  1. Massage the mousse onto buttocks in circular motion for 20 to 30 seconds until fully absorbed.
  2. Use twice a day in the morning and evening, and before workouts (optional), for best results. 
  • Net Content: 40g / 1.41oz
  • Dimensions: 3.8* 3.8* 13cm
  • Shelf Life: 3 years
  • (1PC Set) 1* Peach Perfect Contour Lifting Mango Mousse
  • (3PCs Set) 3* Peach Perfect Contour Lifting Mango Mousse
  • (5PCs Set) 5* Peach Perfect Contour Lifting Mango Mousse