Shiny Smile Cleansing Foam Toothpaste

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The Shiny Smile Cleansing Foam Toothpaste is the one you are looking for if you have stains on your teeth. This brightens your teeth and lets you have fresh breath and healthy gums!

With the strong cleaning property of baking soda, it can penetrate the enamel and remove the deep stains.

With its four benefits it is convenient and very useful for the whole family.

This cleansing foam is very rich, which gives you menthol and a cooling effect on your mouth.

This is very safe as it has natural ingredients that are not harmful. 

Two methods to use: you can gargle it as itself, or you can use it as your toothpaste. Cool right?

Visible results in just weeks!

INGREDIENTS: Fluoride-Free Mousse Foam



PACKAGE INCLUDES: Shiny Smile Cleansing Foam Toothpaste