Silicone Non Drip Utensil Organizer With Spoon Rest

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No more sauce drip and annoying little puddles on your countertop with this organizer! 
Say goodbye to the dripping water and sauce stains when cooking with this refined spoon rest coming to your rescue! 
This untensil rest will effectively catch all the dripping water and cooking sauce and keep them off the countertop while you put down your utensils!
With 6 large universal resting spaces, this utensil mat is built perfectly for all your cooking utensils! Keep your spoons in place effortlessly with our new build-in spoon rest too! 
 This enhanced design comes witha larger placing area to keep all your utensils regardless of their size! Keep all the dripping sauce and water inside the mat without accidents! 
After using, simply clean with regular dish soap! This premium silicone mat can be easily washed and dried!
Made with premium silicone materials, this organizer mat is soft and flexible with heat resisting properties! Enhanced friction design also prevents it from falling or moving! 
  • Dimensions: 8*10.2*1.8"
  • Materials: Premium silicone
  • Weight: 215g
  • 1* Silicone Non Drip Utensil Organizer With Spoon Rest