Tile Cracks Repairing SuperPaste

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Got a crack in the tiles? Just SuperPaste it! 
SuperPaste is here to repair all your broken ceramics! From regular tile cracks, dents, scratches, to broken porcelain, ceramic cups, SuperPaste's got you Super-covered! 
Bring any broken ceramics tiles and home appliances back to their pristine state in one simple swipe! The quick dry paste will stay solid and firm in approx. 10 minutes! 
Fills any cracks, broken edges and holes with SuperPaste! Once dried, SuperPaste blends in well with your tiles for a flawlessly traceless finish! 
SuperPaste comes in 2 jars, providing you with repairing power and fortified solidify power! The dual fixing power leaves your ceramics even stronger and more enduring than before! 
How To Use: 
  • Mix A Paste and B Paste together with a 1:1 ration. (Add additional pigments if your repairing surface is colors other than white) 
  • Apply the mixture to your ceramic cracks or holes. 
  • Scrape off any excess for a flat surface. 
  • Leave SuperPaste to dry for 10 minutes. 
  • Colors: White
  • Capacity: 30g
  • (1 Set)
    • 1* Paste A
    • 1* Paste B
  • (2 Sets)
    • 2* Paste A
    • 2* Paste B