Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

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Clean your yoga mat in one simple spray and wipe! 
With a quick-reacting formula, this cleaning spray targets sweat, odor, and stains for swift removal to give you a refreshing yoga experience every time you use it! 
Clear off any stubborn stains from your yoga mat simply by spraying our powerful cleaning agent onto the stain, wait for the solution to sit for 2 minutes before wiping it and drying your mat! 
Say goodbye to lengthy scrubbing! Our smart cleaning agent will remove any stains and odors on its own without any troubles and hassles! 
Infused with natural herbal extracts and essential oils, this cleaning spray provides you with a soothing aroma after cleaning, completing your yoga session with a scented relaxation! 
Our mat cleaning spray comes with an organic, hypoallergenic formulation with no phosphate or harsh chemicals, making it safe for people of all ages! 
  1. Spray the cleaning solution on stained areas or areas which you wish to clean
  2. Wait for the solution to set for at least 2 minutes
  3. Dry off the surface of your yoga mat with a dry cloth or wait for it to air dry
  4. Repeat the process for older stains
  • Capacity: 30ml
  • Weight: 41g
  • Dimensions: 10.5*2.7cm
    • (1PC Set) 1* Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray
    • (3PCs Set) 3*Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray